About Us - Villanova University Tech Crew

Villanova University Tech Crew

VUTC is a completely student-operated organization that functions as an on-campus business. We specialize in providing live audio, lighting, and event production services at a professional level while reducing costs and improving the quality of campus activities. Staff are able to learn about professional audio, lighting, and event production in a hands-on environment. Not only do staff members get technical skills in this field, but they are also exposed to the business side of the organization (budgets, payroll, marketing, purchases, etc.) as well as teamwork, leadership, time-management, and communications with clients.

President Stephen Donchez sdonchez@villanova.edu
Vice President Grayson Kisker gkisker@villanova.edu
Events Manager Anna Schmult aschmult@villanova.edu
Equipment Manager Caleb Kwon ckwon4@villanova.edu
Finance Manager Ayodele Awotunde aawotund@villanova.edu
Operations Manager Barbara Fiedorowicz bfiedoro@villanova.edu
Personnel Manager Simon Pinela spinela@villanova.edu
Faculty Advisor Deena Smith deena.smith@villanova.edu