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Villanova University Tech Crew

VUTC is a completely student-operated organization that functions as an on-campus business. We specialize in providing live audio, lighting, and event production services at a professional level while reducing costs and improving the quality of campus activities. Staff are able to learn about professional audio, lighting, and event production in a hands-on environment. Not only do staff members get technical skills in this field, but they are also exposed to the business side of the organization (budgets, payroll, marketing, purchases, etc.) as well as teamwork, leadership, time-management, and communications with clients.

The 2022 VUTC Executive Board

Position Name Email Address Contact them about:
President Madeline Johnson mjohn101@villanova.edu Questions about the organization as a whole, escalation of issues
Vice President Terry Yuan cyuan3@villanova.edu Large-scale events, technical questions
Events Managers Joshua Coogle jcoogle@villanova.edu General questions about events and events requests
Mitchell Macek mmacek1@villanova.edu General questions about events and events requests
Equipment Manager Anthony DAntonio adantoni@villanova.edu For staff: questions about equipment
Office Manager Tyler Brown tbrown40@villanova.edu For staff: questions about office hours
Finance Manager Jacob Johnston jjohns80@villanova.edu Questions about billing or payment
Operations Manager Brendan Barry bbarry5@villanova.edu Social events, apparel
Personnel Manager Lily Nguyen lnguye21@villanova.edu Joining VUTC
Faculty Advisor Deena Smith deena.smith@villanova.edu Escalation of issues (610) 519-4215

History of VUTC

VUTC traces its roots to the 1980's with VSMT Stage Crew (later MASC). The group provided technical support for shows in St. Mary's Theater. In the late 1990's there became a need for another group to handle a growing number of on-campus concerts and events including DJs and other musical performances happening outside of the St. Mary's Theater.

In 2003, VUTC was chartered as part of Villanova's Office of Student Involvement. Since its founding, the organization has undergone a series of changes, including new faculty advisors, acquiring new equipment, and restructuring of the Executive Board. Much of the equipment upgrades began around 2013, and most of the equipment VUTC uses today has been purchased since then.

The original VUTC website was created in 2004, and was replaced in the fall of 2015 by the current version. The website serves as the hub of all VUTC activity, allowing clients to request events, staff to sign up to work, and tracking of equipment to occur, among many other functions. The website is constantly undergoing changes and updates, performed by the Web Team.