Join Villanova University Tech Crew

What is VUTC?

VUTC is a completely student-operated organization that functions as an on-campus business. We specialize in providing live audio, lighting, and event production services at a professional level while reducing costs and improving the quality of campus activities.

We provide audio-visual support for all sorts of occasions, from speakers to formals to ceremonies. We own a large variety of speakers, subwoofers, lights, projectors, and other professional audio-visual equipment.

Some events we work are:

  • Orientation
  • Basketball game watch parties
  • Greek Week
  • A Cappella concerts
  • Special Olympics
  • Family weekend

Our staff get paid to work all sorts of events around campus. It's a flexible schedule, because you sign up for the events you want to work. While you're working, you'll also get to meet new people, learn valuable skills, and have fun.

Get Experience!

VUTC has lots of different roles where staff can learn lots of different skills. All of our event staff learn to work with audio, lighting, and video equipment. Some of our staff also learn to DJ, or design light shows.

Along with the technical skills, VUTC staff have opportunities to learn and use all sorts of other skills. Staff who demonstrate dedication and developing skill are automatically eligible for a promotion to Senior Staff, after which they can test to become a Head Technician. These roles involve practicing responsibility and leadership.

In addition, the VUTC Executive Board, the group of students who run VUTC's day-to-day activities, get to learn and use all sorts of skills. These include business skills like marketing, budgeting and payroll, accounting skills, interpersonal skills, organizational skills, and conflict resolution, to name a few.

Interested Yet?

VUTC is one of the best jobs on campus, and joining is easy. There are 3 steps:

  1. Attend a short training. Email to find out when the next one will be. There will be free pizza!
  2. Get a university payroll account set up with the Villanova HR department. This is required for any campus job.
  3. Sign up for your first event! Everything you don’t learn in training, you’ll learn on-the-job, while getting paid.

If you’re interested in joining VUTC, but worried that you don’t have any experience, don’t be! Most of our members had no experience when they joined either. We think that the best way to learn what we do is by doing it! As you work your first few events, our more experienced staff will teach you everything you’ll need to know, plus a few extra things you won’t.