Polices for VUTC Clients

VUTC Policies for Clients

Following are the VUTC policies which pertain to clients and client events. By confirming a quote from VUTC to provide services for your event, you acknowledge that you have read these policies and agree to abide by them. If you have questions, please contact your Events Manager or the VUTC President, whose contact information can be found at www.vutc.com/aboutus.

Clean Music

  1. Events that are non-ticketed, open door, and/or open to the public must play entirely clean music. ‘Clean music’ is defined per university policy as music which is free from vulgar or offensive language and/or inappropriate references. This policy includes music for performances, as well as background music. VUTC reserves the right to make final decisions about what constitutes ‘clean music’.
  2. Events which are ticketed and closed-door may choose to play non-clean music. In addition, permission to play non-clean music may be needed from University staff in certain spaces or for certain events. VUTC reserves the right to refuse to play non-clean music depending on the nature of the audience.
  3. This policy was developed in accordance with the Office of Student Involvement’s Student Publication Policy.


  1. For events that do not require the use of sensitive equipment (such as most audio equipment), VUTC can continue to provide its services outdoors under the circumstances of light rain and/or moderate winds.
  2. Some events require sensitive equipment, including most lighting and video equipment. When working an event with sensitive equipment, VUTC is unable to provide outdoor services in any type of precipitation.
  3. VUTC is never able to work outdoors in high winds, if there is any lightning or thunder, or in other extreme weather.
  4. VUTC reserves the right to cancel or suspend services due to weather, if that weather poses a risk to VUTC personnel or equipment.
  5. Outdoor events are expected to provide VUTC with a weather plan prior to their event, which should specify how the services provided will change. Clients are welcome to request a separate quote for a rain plan, if different services will be requested. The timeframe for providing weather plans are as follows:
    1. For small events (under $500): a rain plan is expected 2 days before the event. In the case that a rain plan will be followed, VUTC must be notified 3 hours before either the event start time or the start of soundcheck, whichever is earlier.
    2. For large events (over $500): a rain plan is expected 4 days before the event. VUTC will work with the client organization to agree on a time by which a decision on a rain plan is needed.
  6. If a pre-established rain plan as outlined above is followed, VUTC will not assess cancellation fees, but may still charge for any services already begun.
  7. If a decision to follow through with a rain plan is made after any equipment has begun being set up, VUTC reserves the right to assess a rush fee - the greater of $50 or 10% of the event price.

Late Night

  1. As VUTC is a completely student-run organization, VUTC remains dedicated to ensure academics are prioritized before any work obligations.
  2. To accommodate this, the late night fee is to be assessed to an Organization or Event should said event end time extend beyond reasonable expectations for a student to be working.
  3. The following scale has been determined in gauging reasonable expectations of work for scale of event:
    1. Under $500: The event end time is 12 AM or later.
    2. Between $501 - $999: The event end time is 11 PM or later.
    3. Above $1000: The event end time is 10 PM or later.
  4. VUTC reserves the right to assess this fee even if the event does not meet the specific expectations of work outlined above.

Event Requests

  1. VUTC allocates staff and equipment for events on a first-come-first-serve basis, based on the time of submission of the event request form on the VUTC website.
  2. In the event that equipment has already been scheduled for use for another event, VUTC may offer services using rented equipment, which may come at a higher cost than normal VUTC prices.
  3. VUTC also reserves the right to deny certain or all requested services based on availability constraints of staff and/or equipment.

Client Obligations

  1. Files (background tracks, graphics, videos, playlists) must be submitted to VUTC at least 5 days in advance of events. This time frame can be altered if discussed with the events manager prior to this 5 day period. Failure to provide media assets prior to this deadline may result in said assets not being available for use for your event. In this instance, VUTC will utilize its discretion in selecting replacement content, if any.
  2. VUTC strives to be flexible, but can only guarantee changes in services if the request for a change is submitted at least 2 days prior to the start of an event. Certain large scale changes (especially including rentals) may require earlier notice.
  3. Adding additional services, beyond those outlined in the agreed upon quote, within 24 hours of the start of the event may come with an additional fee, in addition to the normal cost of the services provided.


  1. VUTC reserves the right to assess the Organization a cancellation fee. The fees are as follows:
    1. For small events (under $500 quote): up to 10% of the quoted price if cancelled within 4 days of the event, and up to 25% if cancelled within 24 hours of the event.
    2. For large events (over $500 quote): up to 10% of the quoted price if cancelled within 7 days of the event, and up to 25% if cancelled within 48 hours of the event.
  2. If an event is cancelled once work for the event has begun, VUTC will charge the client organization for any and all work which has taken place. This may include Event Coordination Services, which may take place in the days leading up to an event. The charges for work may be in addition to the fees outlined above.
  3. VUTC reserves the right to cancel all or certain services if working conditions become unsafe. In this case, fees or charges may still be assessed to the Organization.
  4. If there are fees associated with canceling a rental order for an event, those fees will be charged to the Organization.
  5. If an event must be cancelled due to circumstances beyond the control of the organization, VUTC will make every effort to waive cancellation fees. Please see the Weather Policy (above) for information about VUTC’s policy on cancellations due to weather.

Late Event Submissions

  1. VUTC reserves the right to assess a rush fee for event requests received within 10 days of the event - the greater of $50 or 10% of the event price.
  2. If rush fees are charged on rental orders, those fees will be charged to the Organization.


  1. For the safety of our equipment, VUTC expects clients to get permission before touching or working with VUTC’s equipment. When working with equipment, including microphones, VUTC expects clients to treat the equipment with care.
  2. If damage occurs to VUTC equipment or rented equipment during an event due to actions of patrons, Organization members, or unforeseeable circumstances, VUTC reserves the right to hold the Organization financially liable.


  1. VUTC offers a 10% New Client discount for a new organization’s first event.
  2. VUTC offers a 25% Charity Event discount for events which directly benefit a charity or charitable organization. VUTC reserves the right to determine if an event is eligible for the charity discount.


  1. Organizations will receive a quote before their event is scheduled. They must confirm their approval of the quote, at the quoted price, before services can be performed. If provided services change immediately before or during the event, the client will be notified of the changes in cost. This includes changes in operator costs due to events ending early or late.
  2. Organizations will be sent an invoice for services provided within 3 weeks of the event.
  3. Payment is expected through the University’s Banner system. Only groups or organizations who do not have a University account may pay by cash or check.
  4. VUTC reserves the right to charge a 10% finance fee to organizations who do not pay their invoice within 30 days of receipt.

Refusal of Services

  1. VUTC reserves the right to refuse to provide services to certain organizations or for certain recurring events, based on past actions on the part of that client organization.